Creative New Style


Being bride can be the beginning of a long journey of passion or final point of long-searched love. In either case it is something that every woman would like to experience once in a lifetime. Sometimes you have to fight for it, sometimes it takes courage to search for your treasure in unknown lands, but at the end it is worth it.

Love is the most precious treasure that can even make someone a pirate for it’s sake

In this collection of Spring/Summer 2020 Knight & Bride, we are trying to emphasize the explorer and outlaw side of the women who take risks to sail even most dangerous seas of passion in sake of love. The way they dress, reflects their independent nature, active soul, dangerously romantic search of love. That’s why we combined the softest fabrics with striking details that aimed to depict an image of the strong, charismatic yet purely chic brides. We created sophisticated forms that enables movement with elegant designs and feminine cuts.

İpek Emre