«I needed a short wedding dress for my wedding and after party and I loved the Alya model, but since I live in Istanbul, it was difficult for me to make such an order decision without trying and seeing it. I contacted via the Instagram page, every question was answered quickly and very clearly. Then I was directed to Ms. Melisa and we discussed the details with her. If I say that he removed all the question marks in my mind, he brought the store to my feet from afar, it would be appropriate. I placed my order with peace of mind and my cargo arrived in Istanbul in one day. We have already talked about the body at length, and the size we decided upon with his guidance, fit me perfectly, the model-quality is great, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your sweet gift, your friendly demeanor and your support throughout the process.»

Hande Bitirim

İzmir Hilton side street, in the new century business center. Simple bohemian wedding dress 👰 after party wedding dresses for outdoor shoot. Magnificent style fabrics with private and foreign collections
In styles that will make you feel very good. It is waiting for you. They have created a magnificent place where you can feel very comfortable and try it comfortably.
They help in the grooming. Don't miss out on a warm, friendly atmosphere. There are promotions at the moment. Make sure to stop by

Nursel Önal

I went from Bursa and visited them because of their simple and elegant designs. Melisa helped me in all the processes, my wedding dress was delivered to me by courier later in the same week. good luck with your effort

Jülide Turcan

I wanted a bohemian wedding dress, but I didn't have a clear idea. It took me only 30 minutes to choose my own among so many great models :) I haven't even been to any other wedding dress shop. After 2 little rehearsals, I had a perfect wedding dress. Thank you for everything

Özgül Özer

I was very uncomfortable among classical wedding dresses, I found the modern and naive wedding dress here. Ideas and design are very good, you can tell from the atmosphere of the store. Well done to İpek hn 🙂 The wedding dress was perfect with its design, style, quality and delivery time. In addition, the fabrics are ecological. Thank you again to this professional team

Hale Albayrak

Since I chose a pearl-detailed wedding dress, the alterations were a bit troublesome, but in the end it turned out to be what I wanted. The place to visit for those looking for an elegant wedding dress

Rüya Karademir

«From the first moment we met, everything went smoothly and pleasantly. Their designs and most importantly, their approaches are very high quality, the place is already magnificent. You can trust the Knight&bride team, thank you :)»

Yağmur Karagöz

«A brand that makes a difference with its extraordinary models and that we often recommend to our brides. It is wonderful to capture a different style in every bride we photograph. Bless your hands and hard work».

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